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SO Much Alike!

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I swear I didn't pose my kids! They lay the same way and do the same thing at the same time!!! It freaks me out sometimes!! This was this afternoon!!

They are laying the same exact way. Check out the position of the paws & ears!

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They are so cute I can barely contain myself. I have such a crush on Rusty. Don't tell my boys!
Good grief - that is too cute!

In the first picture even their markings look almost identical right down to the freckles. :)
Love it.
I do believe you Maggie's Mommy. Acctually managing to pose
two bassets succesfully sounds more incredible than it being a
coincidence :lol:

I read in a book somewhere that to show bassets was like trying
to make a melting ice-cream stand.
LOL.......2 peas in a pod.........Great pics.
amazing. you have miniature bassets, but with all the right proportions and characteristics. did you look deloberately for smaller hounds?
Booya, what makes you think Rusty and Stickers are miniature? These two look like lovely, heavy-boned, sizeable hounds to me!

I spent a little while with puppies last evening, a litter of two red and whites, brother and sister. They were born in May, under the sign of Gemini, and it's fascinating to watch them, both at play and sleeping. They often sleep head to butt, probably just the way they were in utero. It's amazing, and sooooo cute!
R & S aren't small at all??? In fact, Rusty is a big guy. Stickers is petite for a Basset but then again she is a little lady :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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