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Its a snowing here in Virginia and Mattie is not happy about it. Normally she likes playing in the snow but I think the snow might come up to her chest now so that might be the problem. Going to be digging some paths out for her very soon. Will have to post of pix of Mattie and the snow storm of '09 later today.
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She was jumping through it like a deer would jump through it.


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She doesn't look too happy there! :lol: We always have to dig a nice path for Yogi around the yard. He really likes that. Otherwise he will just go down the back steps and then right along the side of our sunroom where the snow isn't quite as deep. Once we get the paths shoveled for him, he will happily run around and play with Gunny, our GSD.
The late great Toughynutter loved the snow. All the other even much taller hound always let him go first ( only time that ever happens] in deep snow because he would end up leaving a snow plowed path with his chest that made it eaier for the other to wak in.
super cute! Our bassets love the snow for about an hour. After that it just makes them mad.
Mattie likes the snow. She like to try and catch it if you throw snow at her.
We havd paths dug for her. We put her out in the snow to see how far the snow came up on her.
Which as you can tell it was up to her chest. But she could still plow through it since it was light and fluffy.
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