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Snoozy fleece crate liner

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So, i bought my little buddy Coltrane a Snoozy brand fleece bed for inside his crate. He loves it. He snuggles up in it and seems like he likes it very much. He has always had a thing about him (he is 1 year old) where he just tears stuffed animals up and throws the stuffing everywhere. Today i noticed he had bitten a hole in the snoozy and pulled some stuffing out. Then he started hacking like a cat trying to hack up a hairball. He has done this a few times today. I suspect he is eating his snoozy. Do you think i should take it away from him? Can he get sick if he eats some of the fleece? He isn't acting sick at all mind you, just the aforementioned hacking. I am just worried about my little buddy.
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