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Do bassets get colds? Our dog, Jed, has been sneezing for the last few days. He also sounds as though he's trying to clear his throat. I noticed when we were walking last night, that the more he sniffs, the more he sneezes. If he were human, I'd say it was allergies.

Apart from that - he seems fine. A little listless in the heat, as usual. He's more of a cool weather guy.
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If he were human, I'd say it was allergies.[/b]
It is a real possibility Atopy seems to be fairly common in bassets

Allergies & Atopy in Dogs
A dog who is allergic to something will show it through skin problems and itching, i.e., pruritus. It may seem logical that if a dog is allergic to something he inhales (atopy][/b]
Vets that specialize in dermatology are general better equipted to deal with allergies then general practitioner for a referall or a list of vet specializing in dermatology see Find a dermatologist
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