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Smuttleys pictures

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here are some 2 week old pics of smuttley and 4 week old pictures.Yay four more weeks until smuttley comes home. Its taking forever. LoL. What is the best thing to walk a basset hound on a leash or harness? :) I love his eye colour :) its soo cute everyone elses eyes are brown but his are still like a blue colour


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He's so adorable! when do you bring him home again?
I prefer harnesses. I have had too many of them slip out of regular collars, even slip collars. I do have a choke chain for training, but the rest of the time, harnesses.
He's so adorable! when do you bring him home again?
June 25 th :) and thank you
Oh Smuttly, you are too darn cute!

I agree that harnesses are the way to go. Winston scratches at his, but he's learning to love it. Molly knows to tolerate it because it means we are going for a walk! If he is a puller when he is older, look into the Sporn harnesses (they're available at Petsmart). Molly pulled to the point that it hurt me to walk her. Sporn harness stopped it the first time out. But I didn't resort to that until she was about 6 months. Winston will need one soon too. Ugh he is strong at 4 months (and 30 lbs).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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