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he had her off leash and she just kept following him i was shocked lol i thought you couldnt have them off leash
the problem with sweeping generalization especial when utter about a breed that the individual knows nothing about., First basset are very close hunter even for the class of subosedly similar style hunters like beagle, basset work much closer and wander less distance form the owner/handler frequently check in and move as the human mover rather than expecting the humans to follow them as is often the case with beagles.

Can a basset follow a scent never to be seen again, depends on the scent. The game of choice for basset to hunt are rabbit and hare, which tend to circle again not wandering that far from the area off game like foxes deer coyote etc that basset should not be hunting then to go for mile on end often in a fairly striaght line so it depends on the dog, the training, such a recall (come) under highky distracting circumstances, The inheirint dangeriousness of the area close to a road etc.

So can a basset be off leash certainly but like anything there is no such thing as a completely safe activity. there are risks involved in anything and the degree those risk occur is highely dependant on the individual dog.

Hen I lived in cranberry country I routinely walked through the bog and county side behind my house with toughy see avatar off leash but would not ever consider doing so with my harrier or beagle. I can not recall a basset I have owned that I was not comfortable with under the right circumstances being off lead in a non-enclosed area., That is not true for some beagles and the harrier I have owned.

Fielld trial video will give you the sense of how basset actually work

As many a old time hound hunter will say if you go out in the woods with a basset and the basset gets loss, cant find you etc, well you didn't want that dog anyway. Callus sure but it speaks to the point of a dog being able to do the job that it was bred to do.
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