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I have a food question for the dietary experts on our board:

Most of you know Moe is a Basset and Tally is a Dachshund. Tally is a VERY porky Dachshund who weighs a whopping twenty-three pounds (seventeen to eighteen is her ideal weight - she's a tweenie). We currently feed both dogs Iams Mini Chunks (the only dog food we found that Moe will eat - long story :roll: ). We've decided to try to get Tally's weight down with Pro Plan Small Breed Weight Management Formula. The problem is that Moe and Tally eat out of each other's bowls so I was wondering if there would be any problems with feeding him the small breed diet food? Perhaps I should mix it with his regular food? Or shoould I only give it to Tally and supervise their mealtime? They are both seven years old, and our vet says that Moe is perfect at his current weight of seventy-five pounds (down from his beefy eighty-five pounds several years ago). He's had no trouble maintaining his weight the last couple of years and he seems to have lost the urge to devour everything in sight.

Moe gets two cups of dry food with 1/5 of a can of pedigree canned food once a day. Tally gets 3/4 cup of dry with a tablespoon of canned food once a day. For breakfast Moe gets a petite greenie and four small milkbones; Tally gets half of a small milkbone, which she hides in her bed to eat at her leisure. They both share food bowls amiably and Tally sometimes steals Moe's treats and hides them for later, along with her own. :eek: Moe does not protect or guard his food.

Any comments, suggestions, and/or advice?

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