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Small brag

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Chili had her first sanction match yesterday, she showed like a pro and went second in group.

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Congratulations Miriam! Whatever happenned to crooked face? Are you going to Nationals? If all goes well, I'm entering Molly in Rally (I've never even seen it!!), Veteran's and the Hunt Test. Take care, Belinda.
I still have Macey, holding out for a good performance home. She is the only one of the pups that has weaseled her way into sleeping on the bed at night.

I'm hoping to go to Nationals, depends what's happening in my life by then. I'm gonna see how many different events I can squeeze in......
Wonderful! We are hoping to make the Nationals this year. I hope I have Vinny finished by then,that is a lot of hpoe if you know what I mean. Once he is finished I'll be looking for a show bitch,but one thing at a time.
Any chance of mor pictures of Macey? I thought she was great.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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