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As many of you know, the AKC has recently introduced a new sport, Rally. Originally, it was supposed to be a sport that preceded traditional Obedience, but as people try it, the consensus seems to be that it's something else (but nobody seems to know quite what). Maybe it's just a way to have a good time with your dog in the show ring.

Anyway, Pearl got her Novice title in Rally B last weekend at the Yosemite all breed trial. The real brag part is that she placed 3rd out of 44 dogs, most of whom also had advanced obedience or agility titles. Heh Heh. ;) She score 99 out of 100 and the best part is, the tie breaker was speed--she was faster than the other dog that scored 99. She silenced the spectator sitting next to me, who seemed skeptical as to whether Pearl could even *do* the course. . :mad:

Sharon Hall
Pearl, CDX, RN*

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