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Slip collar? (I think thats what its called)

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I was at the pet store the other night picking up some supplies for the new pup, and there was a couple there with their basset Ruby. (Beautiful dog!) Anyway, after talking to them for a while, they mentioned the collar she was wearing and how it took them forever to find it on the internet ('cause no store carried it). They said how great it was because it adjusts to fit her loose skin on her neck under her chin (which caused normal collars to slip right off) I can only describe it as the following: Nylon, about an inch wide, reminded me of a choke collar (in the way that it works, I mean). Anyone know what I'm talking about and where I can find it? Or anyone have a better solution, perhaps a harness or another type of collar that is better for a basset?

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I think they had a martingale collar, sometimes referred to as a greyhound collar. We use them on our girls. They tighten up when the dog pulls, so they can't slip it. Lupine makes a very good one. An internet search should find you some.
I use them on my dogs too! I could never keep a collar on Sabe beause of so much loose skin. These collars work great! I got mine at a basset event though. Good luck finding them. yvonne
I had never heard of those. Elvis was always slipping out of his collar, so we switched to a harness. When we got him he had a chain choke collar on and it looked terribly mean, so we switched. He does well with the harness.
Marcia, thanks for knowing the name of the collar!

My bassets use this type of collar, but I never know the name.
I bought martingale collars at PetCo nearby my house 3 years ago. It works great!
I've always used a harness collar and if I keep it snug it dosen't come off either one of my dogs. And it seems pretty confy to them, I mean they don't mind it at all.

Good luck!
I got mine at my PetCo, and you can also order them from the dog section of (for about the same price, and you can monogram etc. with them.)
I use one too. I've also heard them referred to as 'limited choke' collars. I've seen them in all nylon, all chain or a combination (which I prefer).
Here's one similar to George's --
I use that kind of a collar with Bertie too. I didn't know what they were called, but I have the devil's own job to find them over here. At least I know the name now which will hopefully make it easier to find one in an internet search.
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