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slept through the gifts

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I was a bit worried how Sadie & Max would handle the unwrapping of all the gifts, but as you can see they slept right through it. Max did get a little skittish later when more of the family came; he ran and hid under the table. When I did get him out he was really shaking. I just sat with him and pet him until he stopped shaking. I guess it was just too much holiday for him.

Sadie looks a littel disturbed here, they are sleeping on my daughter as she tried to open her gifts.

Here's some of my Basset Hound gifts I got.

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Can I borrow your purse? :p
The purse is one of my favorites. I went out today to do a little after Christmas shopping today and got several compliments on my purse.
do you know where you got your purse from?

My daughter ordered it from the website below. The link had been posted on this forum and I told my daughter I wanted it for Christmas.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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