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sleepy bassets :)

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Long time I posted here, too long in fact.

Here's a pic (taken with my mobile so quality not 100%) of our 3 monsters sleeping after a long walk :)

Sleeping Bassets


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Awww, they all look so cute! I love the way so many basset hounds seem to love sleeping close to each other or in piles!
aww so cute, they all seem like such big, wrinkly, adorable bassets. i just want to lay in between them haha
Boy that's a hunkin lot of love!! "Happiness Is--------" You've put some sunshine into my day. Just so wish my Ruby had a buddy :(
Great to hear from you Patrick!! Love that pile of Bassets, what a cute picture!!
Hey, Patrick! It's great to hear from you again.
That bunch o' bassets are gorgeous. Isn't it funny how many sleep half hanging off the bed?
I wonder if that's a breed thing or do other dogs sleep that way?
What a great pic - they look totally tuckered out!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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