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skin irritation after using Advantix

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Well, tick season is here already. I gave Murray his first Advantix treatment of the year last Sunday, and he's had a reaction to the medication in one spot on his back. We used this all last year with no problem, so it seems like he's just developed a sensitivity to it now. We visited the vet Wed. nite, he got a shot of cortisone to help the itching and redness, and I am giving him an antihistamine plus Genticin spray, but it is slow going. The vet has suggested trying Frontline next month, so I guess I will try that, but am just wondering if anyone else has had experience with a similar situation?

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Ask the vet

All the topical pesticides may cause skin irratation in sensitive individules.

From All Pets Veterinary Clinic K-9 Advantix is quite harmful to cats if ingested and because of a cats grooming nature ingestion is likely.
K9 Advantix
A topical product that contains Advantage (imidacloprid) and KilTix (permethrin). When used
monthly it will kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and mosquitoes. IT CANNOT BE USED ON CATS and
SHOULD NOT BE USED ON DOGS THAT ARE NEAR CATS. For more information visit the
Bayer website. [/url]
just a useful note4 for families with both dogs and cats.
Thanks for the links, especially the list of common vet drugs and possible side-effects. I'm afraid that Murray will have sensitivity to the Frontline too, which puts me in an interesting situation, because we walk alot on gamelands and trails with lots of ticks.For now I'll hope that he won't react to Frontline.

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Francis reacted a little to the Advantix (a lot of scratching) but hasn't reacted at all to the Frontline. We're right outside Boston and I just put the Frontline on him last Saturday because I pulled two ticks off him!

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This might be wandering off of the subject a little but it is a point that is very important.

It is true that it can be down right deadly for a cat to ingest a flea/tick treatment. I treated two of my cats (with one made for cats) and kept them seperated for 24 hours in different rooms and would let one out at a time for bathroom breaks and meal times. Well, the next day my fat guy must have groomed my other cat because that night at like 3 in the morning he started having seizures. A trip to the emergency vet and $700 later we still have our fat cat but it was made worse when I asked what I was supposed to do, and the vet tech said, "Do you mean with the body?" So please be very careful if you have a cat and are using a topical treatment on your dogs. I imagine he would have died for sure if it were a dog treatment instead of one made for cats.

Oh, and now I put garlic in my cats food and it controls their fleas. Since we live on the coast of Florida which is mosquito and flea country, I do use a topical on Lillian. But I have to isolate the cats from her as much as possible for a few days.

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My Emma got violently ill from frontline. I haven't given it to her since. She threw up for a day and a half. It was awful. I don't have her out in the woods at all, and check her daily for ticks. And she gets the lyme's vaccination. I do give her the heartworm pills--she loves those!
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