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Skin Cancer???

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Lucy has this spot on her belly that wouldn't go away with medicine the vet gave us (she developed it this summer). However, since it didn't seem to bother her at all (no scratching, licking, not tender) I didn't worry about it too much. Yesterday at her annual checkup they looked again. It has spread some but only around her pigmented spots. You can actually feel where the rash ends at the spots and snakes around them. They took a biopsy of it and are sending it to the lab. She can't be in the sun, at least until we get the results, and then maybe never/limited? I was hoping someone's basset had had skin cancer so they could tell me what to expect, and what changes we are going to have to make to accomodate her if it is cancer. I'm very sad about it. She and her brother, Huck, LOVE to play outside and "sunbathe," and with the fall coming they were going to be able to spend more time outside. Any help/suggestions/advice would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.
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Oh I'm so sorry! :( Hopefully, it will turn out to be something else.

I don't know about dogs, but I do know horses, believe it or not, get skin cancer. White horses esp. and the fellows with pink on their noses --- people put sunscreen on them, if you can imagine! :eek:

Apparently, though, sunscreen works for horses, so just don't see why it can't work for dogs. ? :confused: I'd guess the trick would be finding one which wouldn't muck them up. If it's just the belly area, it wouldn't be so bad because not so much fur.

In any case, good luck!
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