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Size question

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Hello all,
and our best wishes for a happy 2008 for you, your families and of course your bassets :lol: .

I wonder up to what age the bassets are growing. Droopy is 15 moths old now and compared to another basset in the neighborhood who is 4 years old is a bit on the small size. I like him very much the way he is but i think it would be nice to get a bit more volume. Currently he stands at 1 meter length and around 32 cm height oh and he weights 22 kilos. What do you think? Is he going to grow some more or that is that?
Thanks a lot

p.s. I hope kilos, meters and cm are not very confusing for you American fellas :p
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Way too confusing for me! I have no idea how big/small your dog is. At 15 months, he could have some more filling out to do. My Charlie had bouts of pano until he was 3, an indication to me that he still growing. Your dog's ultimate size will depend upon his gene pool, of course, so don't compare him to your neighbor's dog unless they have the same dogs behind them......
Most dogs and cats don't fill out until after 2 years. Every one is different of course. My Charlie GA and Anna GA were small Bassets. Brandy is much bigger and she didn't fill out until after 2, and now of course she has filled out to much just like me.

At a year and a half, Lightning was about the same weight as your Droopy. I thought he'd never fill out. But boy did he! By about three years of age he'd topped 60 pounds, which is a good weight for him. I try to keep him in the mid-60s, but now he has to be on diet food to stay there. So be careful what you wish for! Stomps, on the other hand, has always been skinny, but he's much lighter boned than a basset should be. My delicate little old man is only about 45 pounds. So don't worry, Droopy will probably fill out very nicely.
Bassets come in all shapes & sizes. Comparing yours to any other basset will probably lead you to frustration!

I have 6 bassets and they range in weight from 30 lbs to 55 lbs. Each one is at the correct weight for them, but obviously not for the others. If your vet tells you that your hound is getting a bit heavy = get the weight off! It's a lot easier to loose a couple of pounds then have to loose many.
Happy new year !

Thank you very much for all your replies. You will agree with me that no matter the size bassets are wonderful :lol:

Anyway here are 3 more pictures of Droopy who is resting at his favorite place our bed
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...... Looks like he has a VERY hard life! Those pics make me want to give him a belly rub.
Absolutely adorable.

Such a handsome Droopy!

BTW, I looked at some of your other pictures. Where were you with the unusual but beautiful rooftops?

Janice and little Ruby
Droppy looks like a healthy, happy boy! My Jesse is 7 months and she weighs 33 lbs (14.55 kgs) and I too wondered where was the "Basset" in her? But, after reading other posts and seeing other Bassets I've got confidence that she's growing just fine.
Such a handsome Droopy!

BTW, I looked at some of your other pictures. Where were you with the unusual but beautiful rooftops?

Janice and little Ruby[/b]
Hi !
we were in an area of Northern Greece called Zagorohoria. it is a protected area and is very nice all year around
here are some links for more information enjoy :)
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