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I'd like to teach my basset hound
just one simple trick
I'd like to teach him SIT or STAY
and somehow make it stick

If I toss a stick high in the air
he gives chase, happy as can be
but who's the one to bring it back?
Yes, the fetching is done by me!

He's so hopeless, I've but given up
Is there nothing he can retain?
I sometimes wonder what's in that head
Yes, what IS that Basset's brain?

I'm not so sure there's anything
I've tried standing on my head
or maybe he isn't so dumb...
it seems he's trained ME instead!

Sandy Hamon 2005 :rolleyes:

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Glad to see you are posting poems again!! :) They are always wonderful!!

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Thanks for posting that link- I've forwarded it to some folks who I know will appreciate "My Foster Dog is Beautiful", as well as the funny poem.

My favorite comment though :
"You and your vet are on a first name basis and he genuflects when you enter the waiting room."

Last year our vet actually gave us a Christmas present, no kidding: a small decorative basset pillow! I told my husband we must have finally hit the $10,000 mark- :lol:
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