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sinking further into madness....

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This is day three of non stop rain. Should stop on Monday. My house smells of wet dog, and they are going stir crazy. They do not want to go out, and they are fighting like crazy.
Think I'll make a run to the store, and get them each a nice big bone, maybe that will keep them busy. Sure wish I could send this rain down to Texas, we don't need it anymore. Our backyard:

We have our own little island:

Bo says,"I'm not getting my feet wet!"

Moose says, "Come on in, the water's fine!"
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My oh my!

You even have a swimmingpool in your garden!? :shock:

Can you dive from the porch?
Sandy, I feel your pain! Here in Cincinnati, it is unseasonably cool & rainy. It rained all day yesterday's & temps were low 60s. We are usually about 20 degrees higher at this time. Today is cloudy with scattered showers but still cool. Tomorrow looks better for us too. One more day inside & maybe tomorrow we can all get out!
Oh I remember those "river of mud" days when we lived in MA.

It was 75 degrees and breezy at my house yesterday. Sunny too!

Ruby couldn't go outside much tho because we're building a patio cover. I had to take her to the front yard on leash and she wasn't happy that I wouldn't let her lay down and sniff the air.
sinking further into madness

Sounds like Wisc. One day Sunny 75 degrees and then 3 days of rain. Strange year. :?: . Tummy Boy's Mom.
I think the weather has been strange this year all over the country. Here in NC, we had "weeks" of temps in 80's thru December, then a couple of days in the 50's during January but not really much of a winter. For about the last month its been semi-hot, temps in the mid 80's.

I have family in CA and what a weird winter they have had...rainy but now its super hot. More family up North and they have swimming pools in their backyards from all the rain as well. I'm going up North for the 4th of July at the Cape and hopefully it will dry up some by then.

Mother Nature this year :roll: I just hope this hurricane season isn't as crazy as last year. :?
Thank you for the pictures and I'm sorry for your water puddle. It looks like you were doing something there. Still hot and dry in Texas, looks like triple digits all week and no rain anytime soon. Hope you don't float away but if you do come on down and we will definitely dry you out. :D
LA and Oliver
Sandy, I can really relate to you today. We are getting lots of rain from the Hurricane and today has been a long one. Copper hates the rain,Patty and Dolly are not fond of it either and my newest girl Tillie just refuses to go out,she is still very timid and the thunder just scares her to death.They all have an extra bit of energy today and are tearing through my house.I love them all but I am hoping for some sunshine soon.
Yup, Boston has had its rainiest spring in 70 years. We live on the banks of the Charles River and it's crazy to see it overflowing. Francis has never been a big fan of the rain (or of snow or heat or intense cold...come to think of it, he IS a bit of the fussbudget) and getting him out to do his business has been a struggle. I open the door and he cocks his head to hear if it's raining and if it is, he backs up into the house until he encounters resistance in the form of my foot. Then it's out we go!
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