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Since we're on the topic: Housetraining.

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Molly is 7 months old, and she still hasn't made the connection to go outside. She always runs to the kitchen to go. We have made progress (she doesn't pee on the carpet anymore!). Everytime we see her sneak into the kitchen we take her out, but she still has accidents. Also she seems to need to pee almost every hour on the hour. She doesn't have a UTI, we confirmed it with the vet.

My husband read that we should limit her water after 8PM to help combat the behavior. I dont like the sounds of that at all.

Also, every morning she pees in her crate. She can't go overnight yet without relieving herself. We put a blanket in her crate for comfort, but my husband things she cannot feel the wetness, so she pees.

Any thoughts?
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If she's going in her crate then your husband is right about limiting the water in the evening. Put her on a leash in the house and don't give her the run of the house without any close supervison, take her outside every hour and when she does her "stuff" give her a lot of praise, maybe even a food treat, whatever so she knows you are really please with her. Make sure the kitchen floor is clean well so that there's no trace of urine scent, use vinegar or some commercial product.
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