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It has been always my belief that the reason bassets are longer to housetrain than other breeds is they gain sphincter control much later in there development.

If the only places molly had accident is where she slept, and if she is spayed/nuetered I would also investicate the possiblity of spay incontinece though it is a very young age for it to begin. It is usually more of a problem in older dog though both of myh female beagles developed the problem between the ages of 2 and 3.
The cause of the problem is thought to be a result of less sex hormones. It is easily and most of the time successfully treated with PPA - trade name Proin or hormone replacement. It is generally believed proin poses less risk to dogs than hormone replacement.

Schedule the access to water like you do food and the eliminations will be more predictable therefore accidents are more avoidable. The one caveat as this usual happens to everone that does a good job of managing the dog to prevent accidents, the lack of accidents does not mean the dog is house trained, It may just be you are preventing them. Give the dog more latitude an if the accidents start to happen you will know why.
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