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Silly Question - Nicknames?

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Pets in my family always end up with nicknames, and Sebi is no exception. He is refered to as "the Thing" by my sister and I (becuase we were called Thing1 & Thing2 growing up) and my father has taken to calling him the (admitedly un PC) nick of "the Frog Dog" after we discussed the origin of St.Hubert hounds. I've also been unable to stop myself from calling him Bunny, the nick I had for the former cat. I claim habit, and he really doesn't seem to mind, honest.

Anyone else have nicks for their bassets?
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We also seem to end up with nicknames. I call Copper "copy or coppsy" and we call our golden retreiver Rudy "Roo roo"
I call JD "Big Guy" alot. He weighs 65 to 70 lbs. I call Daisy "Little Girl" alot. She weighs 38 to 40 lbs.
We tend to call menna the moocher or monster when she is in to everything or mousey don't know why. callie(chow) is known as bear or sweetie.
Sabian: Sandy, Sanni-B-the-Nanny, and Sabe. Pearl: Pearly, Pearly Mae, and Pig girl. Beau: BoBo, Uncle Bo, and Papaw Bo. I am apt to call any of them Lucy if I can't see who it is that is getting in trouble.
we call lily, ump-a-loomp for the way she runs across the yard.
I call Rosie, lumpy and Molly is noodlehead.
i usually call Daisy sweetie or Madame Woofy... she gets a tail wag out with either one...
Huckleberry: Hucky-Bear, Huckster, Hey YOU! (when he's into something), Dufus or Sweetie Pie.
Moe: Mozambique, Mosey or Mosey-baby, Punkin, and many others I can't think of right now.

Tally: Tally-bell, Evil little demon dog, Devildog. My daughter has sweet nicknames for her but I like to to tease may daughter by calling Tally terrible names. Tally doesn't care WHAT you call her so long as you say it in a sweet-talking voice. :D

I do love Tally but Moe is MY baby and Tally is my daughter's baby.

I have a few nicknames for my dogs myself...

Kenworth used to be the youngest dog in the house so I called him "Newborn" for quite awhile, and still do though he is now 9 years old and the oldest dog in the house. I also refer to him as "BH" as in "come on BH, time to go pee."

Isiac I call "Big I" even though he is a tiny Miniture Schnausser, while Bailey (a Black Lab) I call "Bailey Anne...biggest Black Lab in the land." Yes I say the whole thing.

Yes it's all very, very foolish, but somehow it keeps my sanity. It's funny how pets do that.
Peanut is Nutter-Butter or Butter Butt, Tarquin...usually it's the Little me, it suits him...
All of our animals answer to something else. OPus-OPie and Pup, even though he's nearly ten.
Cats are
Diva -Mammycat (she's 14)
Binkley- (3) Bee-bo and Blanket, he answers to all three.
And Bill the Cat(10)answers to william and particularly likes it if I say 'Good Morning William,' in a deep voice. I have no idea why but it sends him into spasams of delight.
Francis is called "François" by my parents, "Franky" by my nieces and I call him everything but Francis, i.e. Bitty Buddy, Boo-Boo Boy, Booder or Punkin Boody.
My mean old brother calls him "L'il Weener" or "L'il Franny Wonder". ;)
Molson is refered to as Moley-Moley, Baby, Tank, Moe-Moe, Lovey-boy, Big Boy, Bubbas, "your highness" and while he was potty training it was Sir Pee's A-Lot! :D
Shyla is called Shy-Shy, Shiela (by my son because he knows it drives me crazy), Shy-Fi, Pretty-Pretty, Gorgeous, Pretty-Baby, and I usually sing to her "Oh, Shyla, Oh Shyla" when I come home from work.
Maurice becomes Momo
Lola: louloutte (as for the phonetics, I guess it would bee loo-loo)
Bianca becomes Biboune our Foufoune (foo-foo-ne, and no, you don't want to know what that word means :p )

Murray is, was, and always will be: "My Sweet Potato Boy".And yes, there is a song that goes with that :roll: . I should probably be embarassed to post this, but oh well-
We call George "Jo-Jo" (try saying "George-George" and you'll see why) and I call him "baby" and "sweetheart" and "pumpkin" and Hubby calls him "buddy" a lot. Also "Georgie-Porgie" or "His Bassetness" and a friend of mine calls him "King George" (for obvious reasons -- he runs the joint) or "Le Dawg." LOL He knows all of those names mean him, but we wouldn't get away with "Le Dawg" if we didn't pronounce it with an Inspector Clouseau French accent because George is NOT a "dog." Just ask him.
Henrietta = Einstein or Daddy's little girl
Winston = tank or Mommy's little boy
Samantha is Tub of love or Sam A Lam a Ding Dong- Jake is Jake A Boo or Honey bunny boo...
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