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Showing off her girlish figure!

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;) Here's little Ruby showing off her "girlish" figure. NOT! Yes...she has gained a bit of weight. Note those stubby front legs....she has always been lower in front than in the back. Now that she's gotten a bit chunky, it shows more. I surprised her..hence that look!

Janice and little Ruby

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She's just got more to love!

May be a little heavier, but still looking good!
I love seeing Ruby pictures. She is such a beautiful girl.
It's the Holiday weight gain. We all understand! :)
Hey, Janice! I know Moe and Ruby are the same age (close, anyway). I didn't realize they had the same shape! Moe's back end is higher than his front also. They would make a cute couple, don't you think?

Terry :lol:
What a beautiful lady!!! Tell her that she's not the only one needing to work off that "Christmas 5", but I must say it really looks good on her. :D
Moe and Ruby sitting in a tree..


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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