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Should I neuter?

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I am not sure if I want to have Ryder neutered. Is there a big difference with the temperment of a basset when this procedure is done? I need all opinions that anyone can give.
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Wow, that always brings a lot of opinions on this site. I was very hesitant to have Sabian neutered and infact cancelled 4 surgeries before I finally went through with it. Sabian did have complications, nothing that could have been prevented but we found he had a bleeding disorder and there was almost disasterous results. I have always had my animals altered before and am generally for it. I think you should go with your gut feeling. Remember there is always a risk for surgery even with pre lab work. Finally if you do decide to have the surgery done plan to stay home with your pup the first 24 hours after release. Things would have been better if I had. Good luck!

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I also want to add that even if I had not had Sabian neutered I would have not allowed him out and the chance to reproduce. yvonne
I worry about him rebelling. He is 4 months and the vet said this is the best time because he is young.
Well I work at home and Ryder is never around any other dogs so I guess that is why I am debating. I am worried about his personality changing.

One day there was a nice lady near Boston who had the cutest, most adorable little basset puppy in the world. The lady and her puppy went everywhere together and all along the way people would stop and remark on how cute and adorable this little guy was.
Then one day that sweet little puppy started humping the nice lady's leg. He humped it in the house, he humped it in the park, he humped it while out walking in the streets. No amount of nothin' could get that little darling to stop humping that nice lady's leg, day or night, 24/7.
That nice lady was starting to get a little embarrassed because of the funny looks and averted gazes she was starting to endure. That sweet little dog was starting to look like a Perv Puppy.
It all came to a halt when one day the lady was trying to cross a very busy intersection in the middle of the day and that sex fiend little doggy started to hump her leg and all the cars that had stopped at the intersection started honking their horns and laughing.
That nice lady went home immediately and called the vet to book his neutering appointment.
They lived happily ever after. The End.
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Oh my Goodness that is too funny...another reason why I was thinking about having the procedure done.
I can only say that is how I lost my Willie :( :(

It is uncommon- but be aware of the potential-
We had Molson neutered when he was about 41/2 months old, and he came through it perfectly fine. Molson also had started with the humping and after the surgery the stuffed animals and pillows in our house were once again safe! :D

(I would still go with your gut feeling- condsider your personal situation, and how comfortable you are with your vet, it will make all of the difference in the world)
Who knew good old Franny was a perv-puppy!

Janet 'n Twinkie
Taralynn, I am not too far from you. I live in Pensacola :D ! We should plan a play date or something.
Anyway, I too debated on having Roscoe neutered but when he started humping any part of my body he could get ahold of (legs, arms, hands and feet) I knew I had to do something. I was also informed that there are less risks of illnesses and cancers when bassets get neutered, longer life too.
Do some research before choose just any vet though. I know here in my area some are my knowledgeable about bassets than others.

Pm me if you are interested in getting together!
I did not neuter my two. I haven't had any problems with them marking in the house, and the only thing they hump is each other (that doesn't last long, niether likes to "receive").
As long as they are not able to reproduce, I will not neuter mine. Also I was concerned with weight problems if they had it done, I'll have two big boys as it is.
I know you said Ryder isn't around other dogs, but accidents happen (and a little socialization may be a good idea for him).

My personal opinion is all dogs (except those kept by reputable breeders) should be neutered and spayed.

Here's an article from the Humane Society: Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Good luck in your decision.
Just my personal opinion but if you do are not a experienced breeder and have no intentions of showing Ryder in AKC conformation events then I would highly recommend neutering. To me there is only one reason not to neauter and that is the reasons stated above.
If personality concerns is what is holding you back, a intact male is more like to roam, and bassets roam enough with their noses already. They might be more protective of what is theres, I'm not sure if this is a proven trait but it just seems like it would be logical to me that they would.
In the interest of responsible pet ownership, a healthy and happy dog and the interest of your sanity I would have him neutered. Neutering is less invasive than spaying a female. I have assisted in both surgies when working at a vet clinic and while they still put the male under the procedure doesn't take but a few minutes and doesn't even require stitches, or at least we didn't use stitches we just used surgical glue. So Ryders discomfort will be minimal considering.
Good luck in your decision.
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I would highly recommend neutering. It does not change the personality of the dog, nor does it make them fat. You know the saying - if you have a overweight dog, you aren't getting enough exercise! It also really helps in preventing some types of cancer.
I had Franklin neutered cause we didn't plan on breeding him. No point in torturing him with unfulfilled dreams of romance. Our vet also told us that it does prevent certain types of cancer. Franklin was fat and lazy both before and after the procedure, so I can't tell you if it resulted in any kind of personality change. But he was and still is the sweetest, loviest, darlingest dog in the world.
I really appreciate everyones insight on this topic-thanks! I will be scheduling the appt soon!
I loved your fairie tale Beverly! :D That is exactly the reason I had Duke nuetered. That, and I wanted to be a responsible pet owner, accidents do happen. I think it is less frustrating for them too.

That is a hard decission. We had both Spud and Penny fixed. We couldn't risk having accidents. My Husband was so worried about Spud's personality changing and didn't really want to do it. But other than weight gain, I have to say everything has been good. I actually think that it calmed him down a little bit. We still call him our Grumpy Old Man though.

Good luck to you.
Neutered is good for their physical and mental health.
If you are not going to breed your basset, I don't see a reason to not neutered.
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