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I just went through that surgery with Rusty in late June. The Vet knew immediately that it was obstruction by the way he was acting. He also reacted to her physical exam and the xray showed the huge rock. They did emergency surgery within the hour. It sounds like your Vet doesn't communicate very well with the clients. Rusty's Vet met with us to fully explain what she did and how everything inside him was affected. She also explained how his recovery should go and what to expect. It seems we caught the rock in a short time in the intestine. She said the intestine was not compromised at all. If it had remained in his small intestine for any longer, hours we're talking, she said the dead part would have to be removed. We were very lucky. Also he just stayed that night and the next day. We got him back at dinner time. She believes as I do that our pets do better recovering at home. The stress of being at the Vet adds to their recovery time. He was on a soft diet for awhile and his recovery was long and hard on him. I don't know why he swallowed the rock but I don't believe he meant to. I think it had food or something that smelled and tasted good.

I think you seriously need a consultation with this Vet. You deserve to have ALL your questions answered. Please keep us updated.
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