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It has finally gotten cold here (zero for the last couple of nights) and Emma has started to shed. I can pinch her skin and come out with a wad of hair and our clothes and bed are covered. She did she get back from the kennel where she spent an overnight with her dogie pals.

Does anyone know why she would be shedding? Would it be stress from the kennel? Age (10 months)? Time of year although one would not think the dead of winter would cause this.

Thanks all for any help.
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The worst Daisy has ever shed was the first spring we had her and she was probably about 10 months at the time. Everyday we vacuumed up enough hair to make a 1/2 a dog.
My dogs shed all the time. It seems they always shed A LOT at the vet. He said they shed more if they are nervous. yvonne
Rodney and Hannah and my Chow Keisha are all shedding terribly right now. I have hair everywhere constantly. I think it has to do with the unusual winter most of us have been having. Cat
If I kept all the hair I sweep up every day, I could stuff a sofa with it in a couple of weeks. George sheds like it's going out of style, year 'round. I don't think I'd worry about it unless you start seeing bald patches.
Shyla sheds constantly. I was wearing a dark blue sweat shirt the other day and she was in my lap. When I got up, I looked like I was the one who had a fur coat!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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