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She swelled like a balloon

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So on Saturday Turbo was playing with my moms dog and then we all went to the vet together, My moms dog had fleas but Turbo was ok. So later that night I notice that Turbo has this pee size bumps all over her entire body, it looks as though she had bubble wrap under her skin. So i call the vet and she says to get Benadyl, with in an hour the bumps were gone. The next day I got her Frontline for the fleas that i think caused the reaction. Well she is still itching occasionally but the bumps never came back, has this happened to any of you with flea bites or any thing else?
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This happened with Shyla when she was younger. I went to let her in a noticed that she had lumps all over her head and ears. In fact, her ears looked like there were blown up with air. They we so puffy. I gave her half a benadryl right away and another half a little later. I took her to the vet the next morning and they were almost all gone. He thinks she got bit by some sort of insect when she was outside. Her lumps were about the size of a dime. Horrible and very scary. This is why I always keep benadryl on hand!!
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