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"She Has a Dog"

Philly Dawg

see article "Who's Running Pa. Dog Law Agency" April 24th
"A re­view of in­spec­tion reports indicates no citations were issued to com­mer­cial kennels af­ter June 2011, when Agriculture Sec. George Greig in­stalled Lynn M. Diehl, a former bank man­ag­er with no an­i­mal-sheltering or law-en­force­ment ex­pe­ri­ence, in the $80,000-a-year job running the Office of Dog Law Enforcement.
How did an ex-banker with no experience in any field related to animal sheltering, law enforcement or even government regulation come to be hired as director of dog law enforcement?
How Diehl ended up being installed at dog law is unclear. At the top of the job description's list of essential functions is: knowledge of the care, handling and breeding of dogs, followed by knowledge of various types of dog kennels, business and groups in Pennsylvania.
She met none of those qualifications, according to her resume.
When Diehl took office on June 15, agency officials told me that "she has a dog" when I questioned her lack of experience."

In addition,for those who have followed this since 2008: the funding source for kennel regulations is projected to run out of money next year, and Diehl has told wardens that they are not allowed to contact humane societies or issue citations enforcing anti cruely laws without first getting permission from Diehl.. records show most commercial kennels received only one inspection last year rather than the two required by law.
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