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SEVERE seperation anxiety!!

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My 1st post here! Didn't know this wonderful place existed. My 1 1/2 year old Larry has the worst case of seperation anxiety I've ever sen in any dog. He's normally the sweetest dog in the world but when I begin to leave the house he literally attacks me. He's ripped my clothes and drawn blood many times as I try to leave. Suggestions please! Thanks in advance.:confused:
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Here are a few articles worth reading...

Separation Anxiety
Serene Homecoming

I would also suggest "The Power of Positive Dog Training" by Pat Miller. It's an incredible book and is a great resource for any dog owner. Chapter 21 talks specifically about separation anxiety. You can get it used from Amazon for $5.

Another dog may alleviate the problem, but adding a 2nd dog could cause bigger issues. Adding a 2nd dog has to be done carefully because dog #1 has to like dog #2.

I recommend reading the aforementioned material and seeing if that helps. If not, I would seek professional advice from an animal behaviorist...I wouldn't immediately resort to meds.

Let us know how it goes!
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