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Severe Eye Injury

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Well, I hope its not severe. Tonight, while playing with the dogs, Doc jumped right in front of me as I was swinging a large knotted rope. A knot hit him directly in his left eye at high speed.

He immediately started yelping/screaming/howling and ran away from me. He was in severe pain. Once I got a hold of him, he wouldn't open his eye and was very tender. I finally got it open and saw that it was still movable, in the socket, no blood, and the eye wasn't bloodshot. The only effect I can see is that his pupil is much smaller than normal. It doesn't seem to be light sensitive and he still uses it to see things. I also don't notice any depth perception problems. His lower lid now covers about half of his eye, but I think that's a natural reaction to the soreness he must be feeling.

I feel absolutely horrible about this whole thing and I've been spending a lot of time petting and hugging him. Does anyone else know of something I should look for? Anything I should do?

Thanks in advance.
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Might have scratched his cornea, but I think only the vet can tell for sure. We thought this happened with our Twinkie a month or so ago, and the vet put some type of dye in her eye in order to check it. She didn't think there was anything wrong, but she had us putting in an antibiotic eye drop just in case. Hopefully he's ok. Just keep a close eye on it. Someone else may have better advice.
I would call the vet just to be on the safe side- the small pupil would worry me- please let us know how he's doing.
Please let us know how this turns out. Sabian had an eye injury and everything was fine. Yvonne
Dont feel bad it was an accident,these things happen.
But if i were you i would take Doc to the vets to get it checked out for piece of mind ..
Let us know how he gets on....

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