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Several Pictures

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Here are some photos that I took over the past few days.

I just love my boys fat paws!

Rusty & Stickers:

Silly Rusty. Check out his extra coat!

Relaxing on the new floors!

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What terrific pictures! At first, I thought Rusty's extra skin was caused by the fact that he was laying on top of Stickers -- Nope! He is just deliciously droopy. :D

Your kids are gorgeous. I love looking at pictures of them. :)
I thought I was seeing double with all that loose skin. :lol: Great pictures.
Oh, I love those big fat paws! :D Totally adorable! :D I just want to smooch them! Great pictures.
Your new floors look really nice! Do the dogs slip on floors like that when they are running around the house? I would love to have floors like that but do worry about the boys slipping when they start running around like nuts.
Great pictures, I just love seeing pictures of Rusty & Stickers.
They're awfully good looking!
Don't you just love to scrunch up all that extra skin? When I do it I rub my head against Franny's and make whoowhoo noises. He just loves it and does the same thing back to me.
What great pictures !! Your boys are very handsome!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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