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Philly Dawg follow link to article

Quote from article:

"Sen. Robert Byrd, who died today at 92, is being remembered as a champion of animal welfare during his half-century in the U.S. Congress.
In one of many speeches devoted to animals on the Senate floor, Byrd in 2001 detailed the history of abuse of research animals that led to the passage of the Animal Welfare Act in 1966 and bemoaned the fact that inhumane treatment of pets and livestock continues:
It is because of my love for animals that I find it alarming to learn that inhumane treatment of pets, and livestock, is still widespread and becoming more barbaric...And while we have made progress, we cannot become apathetic to acts of cruelty, especially those aimed at our faithful and beloved pets. Respect for life, and the humane treatment of all creatures is something that must never be lost.
The Humane Society of the United States remembered Byrd in a press release as a "leading advocate for more vigorous enforcement of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and also a powerful voice to end the slaughter of “downed” animals too sick and injured to walk."
HSUS also said Byrd won enactment of a measure to allow the adoption of horses no longer used by the U.S. Border Patrol and other federal agencies, and provisions calling on the Department of Defense to rethink its use of live primates for training related to chemical and biological agents. He was also a leader on efforts to end the cruel slaughter of horses for food, winning a decisive floor vote that aided in the closure of horse slaughterhouses, and introducing legislation to increase protections for wild horses from cruel round ups and commercial sale and slaughter.

Among Bryd's most powerful speeches was one he delivered on the Senate floor in 2007 - shortly after Michael Vick was indicted on federal dog fighting charges - where he recalled the unconditional love of his own dogs and decried dog fighting as "inhuman."
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