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Buddy is at the vet as I type this after having a very scary episode. I walked into the bedroom and there he lay shaking all over with one of his front legs drawn up. His pupils were huge and overall had a glassy look to them. His muscles felt as hard as concrete. It was horrible and I thought he was going to die right there. By the time my husband had loaded him in the truck it had stopped. I don't believe he's gotten into anything and aside from adding a spoon full of yogurt to his food nothing has changed. Now this next part is going to sound odd. My husband was playing a video game at the time and I think I remember someone making a connection between the two. I can't remember if it was regarding people or animals. Does this sound familiar? Hopefully I'll have some news soon.
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Years ago, there was a video game released in Japan, I believe, which triggered seizures in some people. But I think that was the end of it.

I hope your little Buddy is back home and into mischief ASAP. Poor guy. :(
Wishing Buddy a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.
Murray had a seizure at the end of November- he is 4 1/2.

I thought he had gotten into poison when he fell off the couch, lay on the floor trembling, then started staggering and falling down and drooling. I rushed him to the vet, where they did blood work- nothing showed up.The vet said he had a seizure although he couldn't determine why, and to watch him. He hasn't had any problems since that one episode.

The vet told me that sometimes a dog will have a seizure once, and it will never happen again. That's what I'm hoping for Murray and Buddy.

I'm posting just to say I know how upset you must be, and to send some support your way. I hope Buddy is back to normal today. Please let us know how it goes.
We have yet to get the results of the labs. We should have them some time tomorrow though. They pretty much told us the same thing Murray's mom. Sometimes it just happens. We've been watching him very closely and it's as if nothing ever happened. Maybe it was just one of those freakish things and it won't happen again, which is fine with me. I can't remember when I was that scared and I've been through mortar attacks in Iraq :rolleyes: . Thanks for the kind words it's nice knowing someone understands. And Mikey T, Buddy is six. The link you posted has some interesting info in it. Thanks.
The labs didn't show anything, so all we can do is watch him and hope for the best.
And Mikey T, Buddy is six.[/b]
Given his age it is unlikely to be idopathic epilepsy.
You and Buddy are in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully this will be a one time incident.
Stay healthy Buddy, and don't scare your folks like that ever again.
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