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what will my dogs reaction be to sharing his house ???
Every dog is different but you know your dog better than anyone else on here. Genereal speaking most owners can reliably predicted how there dog will react to a given situation. That is how you thing the dog will react is most likely how the dog will react.

If the dog is good with other dogs there is no reason to believe it will not also be with puppies. As a matter of fact many dogs that have problem with other dogs are ok with puppies. Youngish pups are given much more leeway to act obnoxious and inappropriate by adult dogs. This is often refered to as "puppy liecense" this license is generally revoked at around 16 weeks when the pup starts maturing sexually.

In a mixed sexed household of scent hounds it is generally the Females (bitches) that rule the roost regarless of size or ages of the hounds involved.

Introducing a Dog Or Puppy To a Home With Other Animals

[URL=""]Puppy license and adult behavior [/url]
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