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If it is front end assembly problems would there be anything I could do to help?
By duck feet I am Assuming you mean the feet point east and west rather than north and south. That actual rarely causes a problem the only cure is rather extensive surgery and again it it not likely the cause.

The common term is fiddle front for this Mariah above is fiddle fronted but does not knukle over.

But often the do will also knuckle over.
knuckling over in a Great Dane.
It is thought to be cause by laxicity carpus tendons and ligaments. There is much debate whether it is genetic, nutritional or both. Many breeds believe there is a at least a genetic component in basset hounds knuckling over is a fault that is disqualifing in the breed ring ling being too tall. So at lese in the BHCA minds knuckling over has some genetic componnent. In this condition when sitting the wrist will appear to be farther forward of the foot. I have seen in the past knuckled dogs drag their feet. IF the dog is still a puppy there are some to claim succcess with wraping.

Below is the process with photo on great danes. Again this is with younger puppied My guess is the success rate with older puppies and dogs is realitively poor but I don't knot that for sure.

knuckling Over

rather than a surgercal solution with with iffy result you can try an external support
Carpal Brace
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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