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Sebaceous Cyst Questions!

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Hello, fellow Basset Hound lovers!

My sweet 6 year old basset mix has been dealing with various small cysts on his head and back. None have been an issue…until this morning. He has a cyst that overnight doubled in size and is very swollen, red, and clearly is bothering him (lots of licking). We have an appointment with our vet in the morning to get the cyst checked out!

In the mean time, my momma heart is worrying. Why are bassets more susceptible to cysts? What shampoos/creams can be used to help his skin?

I also am not a huge fan of surgery/anesthesia, although of course all for it if anything was ever life threatening. Trying to prepare myself for tomorrow and curious if there are less invasive options for cyst issues? Or, what would be their course of action?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated! I know that medical advice can’t be given so just wanted to get some peace of mind tonight from folks who have experienced this before!
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Some Bassets seem to be more prone to these than others. We had one who had a lot but we only did something about them if they grew fast, or were in a difficult place. At one point our vet did a blitz on her and she came home looking like a mail-bag sewn up. We'd kept her litter brother from that litter, and he never had one!! Other than her having a slightly different coat type (heavier) I never really understood why she was so affected and he wasn't.

Of course, given he had everything in the book, our still much missed Frankie also had a few and I have a suspicion that one might have been a 'nasty' as it never really healed after it let go.

Hopefully your vet will be able to sort out what's going on with your lad!

ps We didn't use any shampoo specifically for this but we did use Manuka honey to aid healing if one let go.
It is a dog issue more than a basset issue when they grow rapidly the ussual burst. You want to clean the area around the cyst after this happens because the contents will be irratating to the skin,. For cysts that frequently burst you can have the sack surgical remove and the cyst will not return.

Thank you so much for your replies!! Our vet did decide to remove both this afternoon as they are on his mid back and at close reach for him to lick and irritate. He is loopy tonight, in pain, but hoping we can keep any new cysts at bay! Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughts. Hoping for a good night’s rest and a better day tomorrow!
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