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Seasonal Allergies and Your Pet

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Seasonal Allergies and Your Pet
Seasonal allergies are more common in dogs than in cats. The allergy is often an inherited trait that first shows up between the ages of 1 and 3 years. Most allergic substances, or allergens, are inhaled but some are ingested. Animals tend to experience skin disorders rather than sneezing and watery eyes, and once exposed, they usually becomes extremely itchy. You might notice the typical signs: licking the feet, rubbing the face and frequent scratching. Your pet might also develop skin or ear infections.
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You might just want to keep an eye on his feet for hot spots. During the worst times of the year, Bugsie licks and bites at her feet so much that she can give herself hot spots. We keep a cone on her, give her antihistamines and cool baths, and we usually have to take her in for a steroid injection each season to keep things under control. As bad as this sounds, it's much better than when she was younger, and needed steroids every other day. :(

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Hi, Mike, we usually use Benadryl or Tavist (NOT Tavist-D) for Bugsie. Your vet should have a list of antihistamines that might be helpful. With Bugsie, the antihistamines seem to take the edge off, maybe by making her sleepy. They aren't a magic bullet, unfortunately. :(

Belinda, I'll put the ED links in a new topic. I'm so sorry to hear about your lab. :(
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