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Byron has taken up scratching. He seems to want to dig throgh the carpet and the livingroom ottoman. Does anyone else's Basset do this? What is he doing? What can I do to stop this? Any suggestions?

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Minna our rescue dachshund does this. With her, I think it relieves stress.But she is a fearful dog with a lot of issues, and that is just my interpretation of one of her unusual behaviors. With Byron, who I'm sure is a normal, well-adjusted basset, it might be something else. I'll be interested in other responses to this thread too.
Francis was doing this with a small area rug (which unfortunately was hooked so he destroyed it) I poured a little of some "deterrent" product (I think it was Best Behavior or something like that) and it worked. It seemed to be irritating him when he scratched so he knocked it off. Francis now confines his digging to the mulch around the trees and bushes.
Good Luck
Yes our Bessie does the same thing once in awhile.I have read that they do this for several reasons. One is they smell something there and two in the wild they scratch around when bedding down...and also turn in a circle before laying down. Bessie doesnt go at it hard enough to damage the carpet so I dont do anything about it. Jeff& Sandy

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