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Scratching after walks + New Pics :)

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Hello again.

Just wanted to post you a couple of new pictures of our little Wilson and give an update.

Wilson is growing quickly ! He's 4 months old now and he's about the same size (Not weight ! Already heavier...) than Millie our Beagle whom is now 10 months and probably fully grown. He's found out how to get on the couch and is also managing the beds too ! He's got so much character. If you put your shoes and coat on he'll start grabbing you by the trouser leg and start pulling, with expectance of a walk. At first he hated the lead, but now he's loving it. He and Millie get on like a house on fire, very playful. Although Millie being Female and a few months older makes it quite clear she's he boss.

My only real question is, and its not just Basset orientated, is that whenever we take him out for a walk it can be sure that the rest of the evening will be spent scratching tops of the legs and lower legs. Its not just WIlson, but Millie the Beagle too. It must be something got from walks because if we dont get chance to walk them for a couple of days there is no scratching.
We've had dogs before, we have a 13 year old Springer, and never had this issue. Just wondering if its something common? Have been wondering if its something more related to the time of year maybe.

Anyway, here's a couple of recent pictures :)

One of Millie on her own so she doesnt get jealous ;)

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My goodness, Wilson is such a cutie I can hardly stand it!

Do the dogs walk through weed patches or on people's lawns? Maybe they are getting in fertilizer or weed killer.
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