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Scooping question...

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Trying to be a responsible pet owner and neighbor and teaching my kids to do the same hasn't been easy. Maggie has developed a habit of leaving presents in the neighbors yards on our walks much more often than using our yard on her trips outside. Of course, we clean up after her, how ever much it grosses the kids out, lol.
Right now our method involves recycling plastic grocery bags for poop bags. But I'm thinking we are going to have to do something different soon when the bags run out, lol.
So, what do y'all use/recommend?
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You can get poop bags at the store...Target, Petsmart, even grocery stores...look in the pet aisle. I like the Arm & Hammer ones, as they are scented. You can also get a handy little dispenser that clips on to the leash or a belt loop. I use them on walks and throw them in my purse when I take the dogs never know. At home, I use plastic grocery bags (I also use them when I scoop the litterbox)...but yeah, there never seems to be enough, especially with 2 poop machines ;)
You can buy bags specially made for the purpose at mos pet supply stores. They even have scented ones!
We got ours from stink nicer than poop and they are our favorite color, green :)
Depending on how willing they are to carry it, you can buy a pooper scooper that will pick it up without them having to touch it. (but they would still need to carry the scooper back home). This is the kind we have: OUT Poop Scoop Bucket: Dogs
I "repurpose" my Kroger grocery bags for Annie's presents as male's do-do was petite for some reason so I was able to manage with sandwich bags :)
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