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Schedule for Nationals

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Is there a link somewhere showing the conformation schedule for Nationals? I can't find anything. Matilda leaves tomorrow, but I can't take any time off, and I'd at least like to know when the Futurity is :( .
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Sorry you didn't get to go to the Nationals but that's great that your girl gets to go. :) Here's the schedule: Nationals Schedule I believe futurity is after the regular judging.

Let us know when she wins. ;)
I'll keep my eye out for Matilda. I bet she's grown a whole lot since I saw her last.
We're leaving Sunday. I can't wait! It's too bad you can't go.
Thanks for the link, Barb -- looks like Tuesday's the day. I so wish I could be there for Tilly's first journey into the ring.

Bassets3, Matilda has grown quite a bit since you saw her. She's lost that puppy look :( and is becoming more grown up. I'd say she's more like a young lady, but I've pulled too many 'poop cookies' out of her mouth to think there's anything ladylike about her :D ! Have a great time in Gettysburg -- I'd give anything to go, but it's just not possible. At least I know Matilda will be in good hands....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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