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Found this while perusing PAWS links....

There is nothing to say about this proposal that the petition itself doesn't say better! We have learned that ordinances such as this have been proposed nationwide in an amazing series that coincide with PAWS. What does this mean, if anything? Just extraordinary coincidence or animal rights people all on the same page?

presented to the Fayetteville North Carolina KC August 2005

We, the undersigned citizens of Fayetteville, NC, petition the City Council to add to the city Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7, an ordinance for regulation of breeders.

This regulation is for protecting the health and safety of residents and for preventing nuisances. Such ordinance should:

1. Define as "breeder" any person who causes or allow any animal to reproduce, without exclusion or qualification.

2. Require any breeder located on a residentially zoned property to obtain a permit from the city.

3. Limit the number and type of animals kept for breeding to that specified and allowed by the permit, based on the available space and accommodation. The city shall follow established guidelines for determining the minimum size and characteristics of the animal enclosures.

4. Require the breeder to obtain a certificate of health from a licensed veterinarian every six months for each animal kept, and for every animal sold or otherwise conveyed; said certificate of health to be issued within ten days of sale or conveyance.

5. Require the breeder to submit to regular inspection by the Fayetteville Police Department to verify compliance.

6. Prohibit the use of tethers, shock collars, or other restraints, without exclusion or qualification.

7. Require the breeder to register each litter and maintain records of disposition of each animal. (This is an audit trail to determine how the breeder disposes of unsold animals.)

Miriam Dalfen

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