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While sitting outside one summer's day
we saw that our yard lacked finesse
and thus began plans to dig a pond
we soon found ourselves in a mess!

we poured cement for a patio
it really was at great cost
as the hounds went into a kennel
and we felt really quite lost

but now it's come to it's finish
complete with pond and waterfall
the sound of it is very soothing
but it seems that it's not quite all

For the hounds have checked it all out
It seems their inspection, it's passed
But Moose decided the pump must go
and we wonder how long it will last.

He circles the pond and barks angrily
wondering how to best remove it
He tries to bite it and almost drowns
seems the pump, he cannot outwit

So then he decides the plants have to go
when he drinks they get in his way
as does the fake turtle who met his fate
seems in this pond, nothing can stay.

It's bad enough they have the best
of everything else in our home
seems to me they've done it again
an expensive waterbowl they now own!

(pics to follow, it's raining today...)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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