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Sally's Health

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Our seven year old Sally has generally been pretty healthy, not counting a scary case of masticatory myositis a couple of years ago. Lately though, she has had several problems. Her allergies have gotten very bad; we have started her on an exclusion diet, poor thing was so itchy and had hot spots. Now she has a UTI. I came home yesterday and let her out, and she proceeded to urinate little drips every 20 seconds, with straining. Of course, this was 5 PM on a Friday. Luckily our wonderful vet stayed open for us. He was unable to get a clean sample for culture, as her bladder was too empty. We did get a sample for urinalysis, she had red blood cells in her urine. She is on antibiotics and he gave her a shot for pain, but she's still not herself. Does anyone have experience they can share regarding these problems? I feel terrible for my poor puppy. :(
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Sorry Sally's having such a rough time this autumn. :( Has she received any steroids for the allergies? If so, they may have predisposed her to the UTI. Bugs experienced fairly frequent UTI's when she was on Vetalog. Since she's been on methyprednisolone, she hasn't had any trouble.
Betsy, Sally has received steroids for her allergies in the not so distant past. She also has been on methylprednisolone occasionally. I didn't know the steroid use would predispose her to UTI's, poor thing. Hopefully the exclusion diet will let us know if a food allergy is the culprit, then she can be off the meds entirely. Thanks so much for your reply.
I'm sorry Sally isn't feeling well.

Janice and Ruby
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