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:( From Scratch & Sniff
I know we have not posted in many months, but today was a very traumatic day. We needed to have some drool slung our way.

Dudley went to the bridge. He was not quite four years old. He had been off his feed for the last few weeks. He was at his vet as recently as last week for his annual exam. I mentioned the lack of appetite, but it seemed to only be for crunchy food. He was battling an ear infection, so we attributed it to that. When his ears cleared up, but his appetite decreased, we knew the ears were not to blame. The vet performed an x-ray. We were hoping he'd find a sock, but it was a tumor half the size of his stomach. The film also indicated a spot on one lung. We did not want to prolong his agony.

So, here's to our little Dude!
Gotcha Day 6/21/03 - to the Bridge 6/15/06
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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