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Sadie & the Boston's

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My brother's in town for my daughter's open house this weekend and he brought his four Boston's with him. They are very wild and full of energy, Sadie loved running around in the back yard with them. She tried to keep up with them but eventually had to stop and take breaks every so often then up and off she'd go again. When they left we came in the house and Sadie settled right down and slept until morning she was so tired out. I tried to get some good pictures of the action, but they were running so fast most the pictures were blurry, but here's a few I was able to get.

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It looks like eveyrone had a great time! And the bonus is a tired basset!

Great pics!
Looks like Sadie is out numbered, but loving it. Great pictures.

Aroooos from Bogie!!!
That last one is priceless! Running around the one and only! tee hee
Great pics; and I am in awe over your brother having 4 Bostons at once!
No wonder she was worn out! 4 Boston terriers to play with at once! I love the action pictures!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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