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Olivia did something she has never done before. I am leaving work today at lunchtime to go to Oregon for the weekend. As I was loading my suitcase in the car I noticed she was at her normal place looking out the front window. She does this everyday when I go to work, and she is there when I get home in the afternoon.

Anyway, as I was loading my suitcase, my wife came to the door and said that Olivia was whining like she knew today was not a normal work day.

I called when I got to work and my wife said she cried at the window for about 10 minutes and then went and curled up on her bed. She said she normally watches me leave, and once I am out of sight she acts like nothing has happened.

I guess she somehow knew that I was leaving for an extended period of time. Poor girl. I'll have to bring her a treat when I get home Sunday night.
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