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I'm sure you remember me telling you about one of Ruby's siblings from the litter. When we lived in Bassetchusetts, we didn't know that the basset closest to her in coloring was living with his parents in New Hampshire. It wasn't until last year that we learned about him. While Ruby was the runt of the litter of 10, Ziggy was the 9th of the litter. His mother Judy and I sent pictures of our bassets to each other and we got to be real good friends, albeit phone and email.

I got an email from her today which is very sad. This morning, Ziggy couldn't stand up; the vets determined he had no feeling in his back and at his age, they didn't know if surgery would even help. Ziggy's mother made the heartbreaking decision to let him go today. So hug your hounds and please send a prayer to my friend and Ruby's aunt, Judy.

ZIGGY R.I.P CH.Vision Topfield Man in Black

Janice and little Ruby

Here's a recent picture of little Ruby
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