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ryobi's diary

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Dear diary, I can't believe what a weekend we had. first my slaves brought home this big ugly thing they call a motor home, (they say because i don't do well in motels ( i am just so sure someone is going to come through that door and get me) well when they brought it in Atticus and I got to go in and see the thing, It was fun and strange, Atticus seems likemaybe he has been in one of these things before as he was sooooo excited to see it and jumped on the couch and chairs and beds and even climbed into the drivers chair, silly dog. Then we went to visit my slaves brother in what they call a RV park. The ride was NO FUN I hate car rides but this was wrose and since traffic was soooo bad i ended up staying in that big moving thing much longer. But once we got there it was ok, I got to play with my cousin Daisy ( a mini doxin mix) she is allll energy and we had a great time. we were soo tierd that we slep all night (and I didn't even worry about someone coming through the door) we got to go on long walks in the fields and since we were out of the city my mom slave let us off our leashes what fun that was, I of course stayed close but my brother Atticus liked to follow those weird smells and would lag behind and he put on those "I don't hear you ears" so my mom had to go back and get him several times, but after a while he kept up with us. then we went and had lunch, and I got to meet some nice people who were origianally from england so they had funny accents, but they loved us, they use to have a basset so they missed her and gave us lots of pets. Then when my slaves went to go take a little nap my brother did something really funny. his leash had got tangled up in a camping chair, and so when my mom went to got get it off he moved and that darn chair moved with him and then he got so scared (and i thought i was the scardy dog) he started running at top speed down the road and in circles with that chair chasing him and mom chasing both trying to catch him, it was the funniest thing and great intertainment for all around.
well the ride home was a little better as mom sat on the couch with us for a while (atticus just loves the rides and like to lay on the couch and sleep) and i felt better and when she went back up to the front seat i decided to stay on the couch and pant but was better then standing up front the whole ride. Traffic was bad again but not quite as bad. Sure was nice getting home but guess we will be going again sometime I am not sure how i feel about that.
well need to go for now diary till next time.
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Well, we have had our laugh for the day reading your post. We also have a motor home that our Basset, Bogie, travels in, so we can really relate. Seeing the chair chasing Ryobi through the campground had us rolling in laughter. I can easily see this happening to Bogie. He is so spooky about things I'm sure he would have taken off when the chair first moved, too.
Can't wait to hear about your new camping adventures, Ryobi.

Arooooos from Bogie Carter!!!!
Nice diary, Ryobi! :D

Maybe I should publish mine too!

That story is too funny!!
Too funny! :lol:
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