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Rusty's Skin Issues

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Rusty's skin is the worst it's ever been. If you separate his fur on any given place on his body, his skin is bright pink. In some spots, red. His ears smell horrible and are hot and bright red. His lip fold pyoderma is flaring and the fur on his bottom lips is mossy green! In total, he is a mess. Although he doesn't seem to notice other than scratching more. He is still eating, playing and wagging away! My good natured boy!

I had Dave bring him into work today to see the head Vet. She is wonderful! We decided to start him on Staph Lysate injections. Something I tried to put off but just can't any longer. We've tried everything else and it's just not working Here's a little information on it:

Bacterial Allergy
There are many types of Staphylococcus (Staph) bacteria; this is the least common of dog allergies. If the skin is normal and the dog's immune system is normal, Staph causes no problems. However, some dogs develop an allergy to this bacterium. They sometimes develop true Staph infection; they are easily treated with certain antibiotics, but the STAPH-ALLERGIC dog **RUSTY! has recurrent "Staph infections." The infections usually clear with appropriate antibiotics but return as soon as antibiotics are discontinued. After a while, some dogs become resistant to antibiotic treatment.
Treatment of Staph allergy involves antibiotics to control the immediate problem and desensitization with Staph antigen for long-term relief. You start with weekly injections and slowly, very slowly wean down to biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc. He also got an antibiotic injection and medicated shampoo, ear meds and antibiotics. He was so cooperative with the Dr. I'll keep you posted​
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Please post updates on this- I'm really interested in whether or not this helps him. Good luck!
Poor Rusty. This summer has been horrible for allergies. I hope this medicine helps.
Thanks for asking:D Rusty is doing well! The shots are helping. His skin is now pink where is was red. We are also bathing him weekly with Sebahex shampoo. He is still scratching but not nearly as much. The Vet also has me giving him 1 Claritin daily for awhile. The shots are weekly until he gets to a certain dose, then we back off from there. It is a very slow process so he'll be on the shots indefinitely but they are working!!:D:D
:)So glad to hear this is working for Rusty!!!!!:)
I put Murray on grain free Wellness Core Fish and Potato kibble 2 years ago and have seen a gradual improvment in his horrible skin problems. His skin is no longer bright pink, and fur has grown back under his armpits and on his belly, and his itching and biting at himself have disappeared. I don't know if you've ever considered trying grain free, it's just a thought, but I feel like it's helped Murray.
I did put Rusty On Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Formula. I had heard to watch the high protein levels in grainfree food so I did some research and found the fish formula of TOTW's was almost the same as his regular kibble. SO I did the switch. He did fine on the first bag but half way through the second bag, he started peeing blood:eek: I took him into work and he had a UTI and cyrstals in his urine. The Vet said the calcium levels in some grain frees are just too high for some dogs to handle. That is not something that's listed on the bag. SO he went on Hills C/D along with Uroeze pills from the Vet and we did a repeat Urinalysis. No infection, no crystals. He is back on his regular kibble which is chicken based and doing fine. The following week we had another client with a small dog come in on grain free and the same problem. Many dogs handle grain free fine but not my Rusty:rolleyes:
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