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Rusty's Silly Whiskers!!

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I was looking at my boy today and was thinking how he always makes me smile! I LOVE his silly whiskers!!!

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He does have a great look to him! His ears are longer, aren't they? Than Stickers'?
Wow, they really go unique and he is so handsome.
What a great face to go along with those whiskers!
Your dogs should be on greeting cards!

Love those cute little frizzlers! Button has cute eyebrow whiskers--One side's red and the other white. Really cute when you look at him from the back !
Rusty is such a goodlooker! :p

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
Both your babies are so cute. And, Rusty does have silly whiskers, but they just make him more appealing! :)
You should put beads on them! :lol: :p :lol:
He really is one lovely hound.

I read somewhere that in America they pull out the whiskers on bassets before a show.
Do anyone of you know if this is common practice over there?
OUCH!! I know some people shave the whiskers for showing. I think it's called a clean face. I like the whiskers. I did have a groomer shave Maggie Mae's (ATB) once but it was like kissing a cactus when they started to grow in!!! Rusty's whiskers are zany for sure!! No matter how much I play with them they still spring back to their crazy shape!! He is my boy!! Gosh, I love that dog
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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