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Rusty's Boo Boo

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He is doing much better. Still whining alot and looking at his incision :( For the first time, he wagged his tail at Stickers today. They laid next to each other until she was starting to get too curiuos about things. I will ask the Vet when they can be reunited :) Here is his incision:

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OUCH! That's quite an incision there, Rusty. (A bit too close to the 'plumbing' for me to look at it without squirming. :blink: )
Seriously, I'm very glad you are home and will be all better soon. A lot of us were very worried about you!
oh my....ouch. it looks awful. no wonder he's barely wagging his tail. i fell so sorry for you Rusty. :( :( Hopfully once the weekend is over with you'll be feeling alot more lively.

Is he eating and drinking? I think so long as he's eating and drinking he'll be on the mend soon enough.

Ouch...that looks painful! Rusty is a lucky boy to have such excellent nurses to take care of him, I hope he is back to the basset 500 very soon! I agree with others, as long as he is eating and drinking, he is on the mend. Jackie sends drool and kisses to Rusty!!!
Wow that looks pretty painful. Glad he is home and on the mend. Extra snooter kisses to Rusty.
My goodness!! Did they use staples?? Or is that just a flash glare on stitches? That looks so painful. When do they come out?
Oooooh! That's a nasty looking sore! Hopefully he's not in too much pain now.

Will call soon.
Janice and little Ruby, ("Mommy, please tell Rusty that I sent gobs of healing slobber from California to him.")
Hope he's feeling better each day!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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